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Friday, May 26, 2006


Your Adsense Account Is In Danger

If you have an adsense account you'll want to read every word of this short report because Google can shut you down in a flash. Here's how...

According to Google's Adsense "terms of service" (TOS) publishers who click on adsense ads that appear on their own pages, or who encourage others to click on their ads, or install automated clicking software or accidently click on such ads while setting up their web pages can and will have their Google Adsense accounts disabled if caught.

Think of all the long hours setting up web pages, writing blogs and creating valuable content only to have a major income stream vanish at the snap of a finger.

But you could be totally innocent...

You could be in complete accord with the TOS and through no fault of your own have your account suspended. How?

Let's look at some ways:

You hire a web designer to set up some adsense enabled web sites for you and he clicks on the ads, or

Someone, a family member or house guest, using your computer clicks on some of the adsense ads that are on one or more of your sites as they surf around innocently, or

As mentioned above, you could accidently click on an ad when checking out some of your sites.

Well, there are at least two great ways to prevent accidental clicks on your adsense account ads...

If you can open pdf files you'll want to visit the following link to get a free 16-page report entitled: "How To Quickly And Easily Protect Your Adsense Account From Accidental Clicks - Guaranteed!".

In that report you'll learn two different ways to set up your computer so that it is virtually impossible to create "accidental clicks" and you'll also learn about a new technique that can allow you to get virtually unlimited pagerank 5+ backlinks from major AUTHORITY SITES.

You can get the report at: Protect Your Adsense Account

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Change Your Life For The Better

Remember that TV commercial where the guys in front of his computer, typed in exactly what he wanted to have, and *POOF* it suddenly appeared, seemingly out of nowhere?

I think it was a commercial for insurance. But what if something like that actually existed?

A website you can go to, type in exactly what you want, and watch it materialize, right infront of you... sound impossible? But what...

If it *IS* possible?

You'd probably want to see it for yourself, wouldn't you?

You might even be curious enough to try it and see if it works. Well, what if you didn't even have to pay for it?

What if it was a gift?

Well, if you have a few minutes and would like to see what the heck I'm talking about, find out for yourself if it works, and even read HUNDREDS of real testimonials from real people who now use this website on a daily basis to get everything they've ever wanted -- you can check it out here:


Put your plastic away, because you won't need it. This is a gift from me to you, and I sincerely hope you enjoy it and use it to get everything you want.

Enjoy the gift!

Gerard LeBlond

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Hoping you enjoy & Best of Success! :-)

Gerard LeBlond

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Monday, May 09, 2005


Opera Like No King During Mozart's Time Could Enjoy

For the longest time, before the age of videos, DVDs, movies, television, radio...

The best, and most sought after entertainment was in the form of theater and/or opera.

Theater is nice but opera is something else entirely. It is musical theater. It allows multiple actors to communicate through song simultaneously...

And the nice thing about opera is the opportunity of audience members to hear each voice and understand wonderfully as several lines of communication overlap one another. Plus,

The sounds of the orchestra can create moods, sensations that envelop you, that must be experienced to be fully appreciated.

So, in opera the audience is entertained on multiple levels: with the sounds of an orchestra, with the singing from beautiful voices, and the sights of elaborate staging.

All the senses are commanded to participate... yes, even the sense of smell... if your nose is still sensitive enough you might detect the perfumes of the theater goers that surround you.

You can even engage your sense of taste by popping an Altoid mint in your mouth... but please do not make noise with the wrapper else you disturb your neighbors.

So image my delight as I sat in comfort, on my own turf, and commanded a special performance of Giacomo Puccini's opera: Turandot.

I wanted the Metropolitan Opera to perform for me in a private show.

I wanted the Metropolitan Ballet, the Metropolitan Opera Chorus and the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra to perform.

I insisted on James Levine to be the conductor, for Placido Domingo to be Calaf, Leona Mitchell to be Liu and Eva Marton to play the role of Turandot. Ah, and while I was in the ordering mode I requested Paul Plishka to play Timur and Roger Koch to play Il Carnefice.

"Would you like subtitles with your opera sir?"

"Absolutely... English please."

"Very well sir, and would you like those subtitles to appear at the bottom of the screen... white text on black background... or would you prefer comic book type bubbles near the singers' mouths."

"The former please... no need to turn the sublime into a comedy," I responded.

And so it was...

My wishes were granted and on 6 May 2005 I feasted on a most spectacular command performance... and I was the sole attendee!

Let the show begin...

The lights went down.

The applause commenced and became louder as James Levine walked out to the orchestra pit, bowed to the audience, grabbed his baton and commanded the orchestra to play...

The curtain was raised and the stage was a dark one... it was full of a milling crowd... Chinese peasants.... laborers and soldiers moving here and there. This is not a pleasant place... human heads decorated the highest points of vertical posts that numbered in the dozens... a large old and blind man is led around the stage by a servant girl. His name is Timur and her name is Liu. Soon I see the well dressed Calaf appear. He sees his father and asks why he is there. Timur explains... the stage is set... we discover that the Princess Turandot is to be wed but only if a Prince can solve her three riddles. If a Prince fails the test he is beheaded... and we realize that those heads belonged to unsuccessful suitors... we also discover the Prince of Persia has recently failed the test and is soon beheaded... we hear his final screams... Calef is disgusted by this spectacle... He demands to see the person who would commit such horrific deeds... His wish is answered when...

He sees Turandot and is instantly smitten... he falls head over heels for her... totally infatuated with her beauty... he must have her as his wife... but how? Ah...

It turns out that a trio of Chinese wise-guys called Ping, Pang and Pong fill him in on Turandot and her "test"... Sound the gong and she will appear.... answer correctly all three riddles and she will be yours but if you miss just one of the three questions... it's off-with-your-head!

Calaf wants a stab at this test so he grabs the mallet, rings the gong and announces boldly that he will submit to the test because Turandot shall be his wife...

Oh brother!

But, this is what great tales are made of... the only thing missing is the incomparable Jack Jones singing the theme to "The Love Boat"... but come to think of it Puccini didn't write that into the Libretto and I didn't order it when I requested this command performance so let us get back to the story...

So we witness the Princess ask her first question... Calaf answers it.... Then she asks her second question... this time it takes him a little longer but... he gets it right... this gives him the honor of hearing the third and final question... it's a tough one... but old Calaf gets it right... Hahoo! Yipee-Hi-Ho-Cow-Hand!

Turandot can not believe her ears! How can this be? I'm too pure to get married? Yeeiicks! I never expected that anyone would get all three questons right. This isn't fair. Doesn't he know I'm a staunch woman's-libber... doesn't he know I hate men? So...

She cries to her father, who happens to be the king... but this king is the same one who has despised his role of enforcer of the law... he hated seeing all those young princes die, he even begged Calaf not to tempt fate by agreeing to the questioning... but now, the law is the law and his daughter has to live up to her end of the bargain...

But, while she may be pretty, she is one bad sport... so she keeps moaning and groaning and stamps her feet and pulls a tantrum...

Meanwhile, Calaf tells her (through song of course... remember this is opera) that if she can guess his name by the next morning she can cut off his head but, if she fails he gets to marry her.

Now it is clear that Calaf is a first class risk-taker... he's a junkie to danger... he's a lover of living in the fast-lane...

It doesn't take too many nanoseconds before you realize that Calaf would have been safer to take out an insurance policy against his life for 2 Billion Ounces of Gold with Turandot as the beneficiary... most of us would agree that this would not be a smart move. So night comes and won't you know it...

Old Turandot is up to her old tricks... she has her henchmen torture people... no one is to sleep all night until the mystery man's name is discovered and then...

Timur and Liu are captured and they have been accused of knowing the identity of the successful suitor. We have ways of making you talk...

Why did it take so long to find someone who knows Calaf's name... heck, everyone in the orchestra pit knows the name, James Levine the conductor knows the name, and at least half of the audience who read the program know the name Calaf... but the illusion must be maintained and Turandot tortures Liu... who is really in love with Calaf and admits it publicly... so, in order to protect Calaf's identity she grabs a knife and kills herself... oooohhh, the humanity!

So now Calaf is really mad.. what's the idea of forcing an innocent girl to kill herself? He isn't satisfied with Turandot's response... so he has no choice but to kiss Turandot (like I said earlier... this guy likes to live dangerously)... she is revolted... so he kisses her again... this time she doesn't resist as much... he kisses her again and voila... the third time is a charm... passions flow within her where only ice flowed before... she is a changed woman... but is she?

Calaf, who doesn't believe in leaving good enough alone, tells her his name. Now this is truly fascinating... it is unique to say the least... in fact, most people would never think of doing such a thing... What is this guy thinking? It's not even dawn yet! Sometimes these young infatuated princes just make you stand back and wonder...

So, after the sun has appeared to rise over the horizon, everyone gathers and Turandot announces victoriously that she has discovered the prince's name.

Oh no... she's going to have another head removed from a princely body...

But wait, she announces that his name "Is Love!" Oooohhh, this turns out to be a love story after all... And all ends well and Calaf keeps his head and gets Turnadot to love him and everything is pretty and cute and this command performance was possible because...

The entire opera was viewed from replaying a VHS Hi-Fi Stereo digital recording that was produced at the Metropolitan Opera House, New York City, New York in April of 1987.

The wonders of technology allowed me to step back into time and view what had taken place nearly 20 years earlier. And, the technology allowed me to watch this masterpiece performance when I wanted, where I wanted and as often as I wanted.

While the power vested in me was greater, in the above respects, than those of any King that lived in the time of Mozart, I still had to return the video to the library... because

The loan period was only good for two weeks. But, how can you complain when the video could provide so much pleasure for so little cost? And there lies the rub... what a king could never buy in his day... I got for free... And you have the same opportunity also, all you need to do is locomote to your local library... check out the videos in the video section... pick out a great opera... check it out and enjoy it to your heart's content. Go on... live like a king!

From Sell Info Products Online dot com ( and Basic Drum Beats dot com ( this is LeBlond, Gerard LeBlond and I'll see you there.


Spice Royal Family

Middle Eastern spice aromas filled the air as I moved carefully through narrow aisles of a specialty foods store.

On a shelf at about eye level I found my prey...

Cans of high quality Turkish Coffee. There were dozens and dozens of cans and at least 5 different brands.

I looked over the selection and picked one that was within my budget and on the back label it said, "Add two heaping tablespoons to 1 cup of boiling water, continue to boil for 30 seconds, pour into drinking mug, add fresh goat's milk to taste and a few sprinkles of cardamom."

Cardamom? Hummmm...

I asked the cashier if the store stocked any cardamom. He said, "No" in a heavily accented voice.
So, instead of driving directly home to brew a cup of Turkish coffee I took a detour to a huge... a gigantic... a monstrous supermarket... If I had been in Baltimore, Maryland it would have been a "Giant" supermarket... If I had been in Portland, Maine it would have been a "Shaws" supermarket... If I had been in Atlanta, Georgia it would have been a "Piggly Wiggly"... But, since I was in Syracuse, New York it was a "Wegman" store. This one happened to be in the suburb of DeWitt... but no-matter... it would serve my purpose.

Having navigated the aisles of my favorite Wegman's supermarket many dozens of times earlier I had a good idea where to find the cardamom. And sure enough it was nestled amongst the McCormick and Wegman-Brand spices.

I looked at the label:

"McCormick Ground Decorticated CARDAMOM. Cardamom, called the Queen of Spices, has a sweet, refreshing flavor. Mountain grown in Central America, it is important in curries and many Scandinavian dishes"...

And hopefully in my yet to be prepared cup of Turkish coffee. So,

I paid for the spice and navigated safely to my home.

A can opener, deftly employed by yours truly, neatly separated the top metal cover from the side allowing a fragrant burst of Turkish coffee aromas to reach my olfactory receptors.

Aaaahh, superb!

I followed the directions precisely and quickly discovered that Turkish coffee that is boiling must be watched like a hawk because, unless you are ready to reduce the heat or move the boiling pot away from the heat source...

You risk having some of your precious coffee bubble over and spill out...

And that can happen very quickly... so "alert" was the word of the moment.

Soon, the coffee was made, transferred to a mug and then a decision had to be made...

Follow the recipe exactly or improvise? I decided to improvise because the goat milk was not available... instead I used bovine (cow) skim milk. (Note: if I had the choice between the cow skim milk, the goat milk or WaWa whole Grade A Pasteurized and Homogenized Milk I would have gone with the WaWa option because that is what milk should taste like... it is the gold standard upon which all milks should be judged.)

I sprinkled a little Cardamom on the Turkish coffee, took a sip and "Mama-Mia CaCaTiNa...." was that ever magnificent! But,

If Cardamom is the queen of spices who's the king?

You want to know?

It's not salt...

It's not dill (dill might be a prince or princess... but that's only a guess).

It's not oregano or thyme or basil or savory...

The answer is pepper. Pepper is the king and Cardamom is the queen! Toot-a-toot-toot-toot-too-too!

From Sell Info Products Online dot com ( and Basic Drum Beats dot com ( this is LeBlond, Gerard LeBlond and I'll see you there.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Tip Of The Day

Here's a tip for those people who are pressed for time and have to make every minute count: Don't answer the phone (unless, of course, you are expecting an important prearranged call).

To pull this off easily you must learn how to train yourself not to jump for the phone when it rings.

This sounds harder than you would expect if you haven't already trained yourself to answer the phone only when it is convenient and opportune for you to do so.

So, the next time the phone rings, and your deep in a project... will you stop your important work or put it on pause... lose your momentum... and answer the phone like Pavlov's dog that was trained to salivate at the ringing of a bell?

It's your world... now go out and live like it matters.

From Sell Info Products Online dot com ( and Basic Drum Beats dot com (, this is LeBlond, Gerard LeBlond.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Best Time Of Day To Hold Your News Conference

So you've got a big announcement to make.

What's the optimum time to schedule your news conference to get the most free press possible?

Best time of day to run your news conference to get max impact is at 10 A.M.

Reason: It's late enough in the day to get news people to your press event and it's early enough for the press to prepare pieces for the 12 noon local news program and the 5 or 6 p.m. and the 11 p.m. news…

If you hold your news conference at 4:30 p.m. it might be too tight for the late afternoon (early evening news) and if it misses then your only hope for TV coverage on that day is for the late night news.

From Sell Info Products Online dot com ( and Basic Drum Beats dot com ( this is LeBlond, Gerard LeBlond.


How Do You Teach People A Subject Like Calculus Marketing or Movie Making?

How Do You Teach People A Subject Like…

Calculus, Marketing, Movie Making, Earning A Living As A Catfish Farmer, or …

Biology, or…

Repairing Rotted Sill Plates Of Turn-of-the-Century Amish Barns?

Imagine a person. We'll call him Thomas Paine.

He knows a lot about writing pamphlets, guides, booklets…

And he not only knows how to write on a topic but…

He can take an idea, research it, write about it, put it in book form, publish it and get it out to the market.

To some people these are skills that they do not have but…

They would like to possess these skills because…

They have ideas that they would like to put in book form and market successfully.

The real question is…

How Do You Teach A Subject To People How Want The Information?

If Thomas Paine determines that there's a starving crowd that yearns to learn what he knows…

And, if Thomas Paine knows who these people are and how to let them know that he is the expert that they seek he should then mimic Harvard, Princeton, Johns Hopkins, M.I.T., Loyola, Stanford, William & Mary, or LeMoyne College professors…

Create A Curriculum!

A curriculum is a teaching plan, some call it a syllabus, but Thomas Paine likes to thing of it as a "Table Of Contents".

The curriculum, or Paine's "Table Of Contents", is a way of taking the information that relates to a subject and break it up into small chunks of information.

The chunks are arranged so that the "foundational" ones (these are the ones upon which all of the other material "sits on" and usually these are the easiest ones to understand) are presented first and, once the foundation of the subject field has been created, the other information chunks are presented in a logical order.

This logical ordering of how the various chunks of information are arranged is terribly important. When the ordering is done right, it makes the teaching process easier, more understandable, reduces or eliminates the chance for confusion, and naturally takes the student from a state of an ordinary or "lay-person's" awareness to a state of "expert" understanding.

The curriculum…

Chunks of information… presented in a logical order from foundational (basic) material to crowning final thoughts.
This is LeBlond, Gerard LeBlond from Sell Info Products Online dot com ( and Basic Drum Beats dot com (

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Hacking Coughing And Getting Better



This is LeBlond, Gerard LeBlond from West-Gate Press and for some reason a number of people have come down with ailments that involve sore throats, nasal congestion, head-aches, a feeling of malaise, lack of energy and lung congestion.

Now, I am not a medical doctor and I am not qualified to prescribe treatments or make recommendations to ailments that affect the human animal. But...

Having said that consider the following:

In mid September a human male, born in the mid 1950s, married and otherwise perfectly healthy...

(Brief Aside: That's a good message for a bumper sticker: "Married and Otherwise Perfectly Healthy!")

... recorded the following entries into his journal:

"18 September 2004 -- Sick. On previous day I felt the tell-tale-tickle in the back of my throat that signals the unset of a cold or flu. Today I'm experiencing lung and nose congestion, cough, sore muscles all over body and general feeling of malaise."

"24 September 2004 -- Sick for 8 days and I might be getting better but not certain. Chest cold, aches, dizziness, coughs, head-aches, respiratory phlegm production and loose stools."

"27 September 2004 -- Started taking Tussin DM for cough suppression and expectoration... still feeling crummy and hard and often coughing jags hurt."

"1 October 2004 -- Still feeling less than 50% optimal."

"2 October 2004 -- Took Saturday off to rest and recouperate."

"3 October 2004 -- Called personal physician's office (didn't have the physician's hot-line phone number so it was impossible to speak to the doctor directly) and made an appointment for a check-up to figure out exactly what this respiratory and head-centered ailment is... pneumonia? Galluping Crud? Pulmo-distressimus-et-coughimus-et-phlegmi? Chronic or acute? Definately chronic... persistent... but virulent or not contagious? Who knows?... but the earliest I could see the doctor would be on 8:30 a.m. on the next day. Good thing I'm not dying."

"4 October 2004 -- Doctor listens perfunctorily to the patient and pulls out the stethescope and checks here and there and over hunder and tither and hither and proclaims: Diagnosis -- Bronchitis... Antibiotics are prescribed in the form of Zithromax (Azithromycin also known as azithromycin dihydrate: 250 mg tablets) by Pfizer Labs. -- The patient paid the insurance mandated copay of $10 and with prescription in hand high-tailed it to his favorite pharmacy. -- After dropping off the presciption he went home, took care of some business and then stopped off at the pharmacy, on his way to work, to pick up his drugs. -- At the counter he was charged $40 for "The Z-Pak": A full course of antibiotic therapy in just 5 doses."

"12 October 2004 -- Last Zithromax tablet was ingested on 5 October 2004 at or about 8 a.m. -- If I had bronchitis when I last visited the doctor I must still have it because forceful exhilations create a raspy sound near the tail-end of the breath. --I'm not producing as much greenish/grey phlegm as I did before the antibiotic treatment but I haven't shaken this ailment yet."

So there's a peek into the man's journal. The question is...

Will he get better? Will he need to pay another visit with his physician?

Time will tell.

Time will tell.

From West-Gate Press and Sell Info Products Online dot com this is LeBlond, Gerard LeBlond and I'll see you there!




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Tuesday, September 21, 2004


Exact Text Of George W. Bush's Speech To The UN 21 Sept 04


This is LeBlond, Gerard LeBlond and it is my pleasure to present the text of a most important and remarkable oral presentation.

As of the twenty-first day of the 9th month in the year 2004 (Anno Domini, a.k.a. "In The Year Of Our Lord") perhaps the best Human Rights Speech ever given was spoken to a diverse group of individuals.

It lasted for 21 minutes. These words are presented in their entirety.

The text is unabriged, uncensored and with no editorializing by me so you, the reader, will be able to know exactly what was spoken.

The Portland Press Herald, The Boston Globe, The New York Times, USA Today, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, The Sentinel, and most of this country's so-called esteemed news publications will not print the exact and complete transcript for its readers.

Instead, the editors of these newspapers have reporters 'cut and paste' select snippets of the text and embed these inside of supposedly "objective" contextual statements.

Why do they do this? I don't know but if 'push came to shove' I would always rather hear or read the entire speech than have "news" gate-keepers walk me through what they think I should know.

Sorry but I don't go for that type of hand-holding and I don't think you like it either. So...

Here is the text of that speech given by The United States of America's 43rd President: George W. Bush on 21 September 2004.

Print it out, and…

Read it for yourself and…

Make up your own mind.

But most of all… Enjoy!

The Place: United Nations General Assembly United Nations Headquarters, New York City, New York State, The United States of America, Planet Earth, Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy, Universe.

The Time: 11:00 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time

PRESIDENT BUSH: "Mr. Secretary General, Mr. President, distinguished delegates, ladies and gentlemen:

"Thank you for the honor of addressing this General Assembly.

"The American people respect the idealism that gave life to this organization. And we respect the men and women of the U.N., who stand for peace and human rights in every part of the world. Welcome to New York City, and welcome to the United States of America.

"During the past three years, I've addressed this General Assembly in a time of tragedy for my country, and in times of decision for all of us. Now we gather at a time of tremendous opportunity for the U.N. and for all peaceful nations. For decades, the circle of liberty and security and development has been expanding in our world. This progress has brought unity to Europe, self-government to Latin America and Asia, and new hope to Africa. Now we have the historic chance to widen the circle even further, to fight radicalism and terror with justice and dignity, to achieve a true peace, founded on human freedom.

"The United Nations and my country share the deepest commitments.

"Both the American Declaration of Independence and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights proclaim the equal value and dignity of every human life. That dignity is honored by the rule of law, limits on the power of the state, respect for women, protection of private property, free speech, equal justice, and religious tolerance. That dignity is dishonored by oppression, corruption, tyranny, bigotry, terrorism and all violence against the innocent. And both of our founding documents affirm that this bright line between justice and injustice -- between right and wrong -- is the same in every age, and every culture, and every nation.

"Wise governments also stand for these principles for very practical and realistic reasons. We know that dictators are quick to choose aggression, while free nations strive to resolve differences in peace. We know that oppressive governments support terror, while free governments fight the terrorists in their midst. We know that free peoples embrace progress and life, instead of becoming the recruits for murderous ideologies.

"Every nation that wants peace will share the benefits of a freer world. And every nation that seeks peace has an obligation to help build that world. Eventually, there is no safe isolation from terror networks, or failed states that shelter them, or outlaw regimes, or weapons of mass destruction. Eventually, there is no safety in looking away, seeking the quiet life by ignoring the struggles and oppression of others.

"In this young century, our world needs a new definition of security. Our security is not merely found in spheres of influence, or some balance of power. The security of our world is found in the advancing rights of mankind.

"These rights are advancing across the world -- and across the world, the enemies of human rights are responding with violence. Terrorists and their allies believe the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the American Bill of Rights, and every charter of liberty ever written, are lies, to be burned and destroyed and forgotten. They believe that dictators should control every mind and tongue in the Middle East and beyond. They believe that suicide and torture and murder are fully justified to serve any goal they declare. And they act on their beliefs.

"In the last year alone, terrorists have attacked police stations, and banks, and commuter trains, and synagogues -- and a school filled with children. This month in Beslan we saw, once again, how the terrorists measure their success -- in the death of the innocent, and in the pain of grieving families. Svetlana Dzebisov was held hostage, along with her son and her nephew -- her nephew did not survive. She recently visited the cemetery, and saw what she called the "little graves." She said, "I understand that there is evil in the world. But what have these little creatures done?"

"Members of the United Nations, the Russian children did nothing to deserve such awful suffering, and fright, and death. The people of Madrid and Jerusalem and Istanbul and Baghdad have done nothing to deserve sudden and random murder. These acts violate the standards of justice in all cultures, and the principles of all religions. All civilized nations are in this struggle together, and all must fight the murderers.

"We're determined to destroy terror networks wherever they operate, and the United States is grateful to every nation that is helping to seize terrorist assets, track down their operatives, and disrupt their plans. We're determined to end the state sponsorship of terror -- and my nation is grateful to all that participated in the liberation of Afghanistan. We're determined to prevent proliferation, and to enforce the demands of the world -- and my nation is grateful to the soldiers of many nations who have helped to deliver the Iraqi people from an outlaw dictator.

"The dictator agreed in 1991, as a condition of a cease-fire, to fully comply with all Security Council resolutions -- then ignored more than a decade of those resolutions.

"Finally, the Security Council promised serious consequences for his defiance. And the commitments we make must have meaning. When we say "serious consequences," for the sake of peace, there must be serious consequences.

"And so a coalition of nations enforced the just demands of the world. Defending our ideals is vital, but it is not enough. Our broader mission as U.N. members is to apply these ideals to the great issues of our time. Our wider goal is to promote hope and progress as the alternatives to hatred and violence. Our great purpose is to build a better world beyond the war on terror.

"Because we believe in human dignity, America and many nations have established a global fund to fight AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria. In three years the contributing countries have funded projects in more than 90 countries, and pledged a total of $5.6 billion to these efforts. America has undertaken a $15 billion effort to provide prevention and treatment and humane care in nations afflicted by AIDS, placing a special focus on 15 countries where the need is most urgent. AIDS is the greatest health crisis of our time, and our unprecedented commitment will bring new hope to those who have walked too long in the shadow of death.

"Because we believe in human dignity, America and many nations have joined together to confront the evil of trafficking in human beings. We're supporting organizations that rescue the victims, passing stronger anti-trafficking laws, and warning travelers that they will be held to account for supporting this modern form of slavery. Women and children should never be exploited for pleasure or greed, anywhere on Earth. "Because we believe in human dignity, we should take seriously the protection of life from exploitation under any pretext. In this session, the U.N. will consider a resolution sponsored by Costa Rica calling for a comprehensive ban on human cloning. I support that resolution and urge all governments to affirm a basic ethical principle: No human life should ever be produced or destroyed for the benefit of another.

"Because we believe in human dignity, America and many nations have changed the way we fight poverty, curb corruption, and provide aid. In 2002 we created the Monterrey Consensus, a bold approach that links new aid from developed nations to real reform in developing ones. And through the Millennium Challenge Account, my nation is increasing our aid to developing nations that expand economic freedom and invest in the education and health of their own people.

"Because we believe in human dignity, America and many nations have acted to lift the crushing burden of debt that limits the growth of developing economies, and holds millions of people in poverty. Since these efforts began in 1996, poor countries with the heaviest debt burdens have received more than $30 billion of relief. And to prevent the build-up of future debt, my country and other nations have agreed that international financial institutions should increasingly provide new aid in the form of grants, rather than loans. "Because we believe in human dignity, the world must have more effective means to stabilize regions in turmoil, and to halt religious violence and ethnic cleansing. We must create permanent capabilities to respond to future crises. The United States and Italy have proposed a Global Peace Operations Initiative. G-8 countries will train 75,000 peacekeepers, initially from Africa, so they can conduct operations on that continent and elsewhere. The countries of the G-8 will help this peacekeeping force with deployment and logistical needs.

"At this hour, the world is witnessing terrible suffering and horrible crimes in the Darfur region of Sudan, crimes my government has concluded are genocide. The United States played a key role in efforts to broker a cease-fire, and we're providing humanitarian assistance to the Sudanese people. Rwanda and Nigeria have deployed forces in Sudan to help improve security so aid can be delivered. The Security Council adopted a new resolution that supports an expanded African Union force to help prevent further bloodshed, and urges the government of Sudan to stop flights by military aircraft in Darfur. We congratulate the members of the Council on this timely and necessary action.

"I call on the government of Sudan to honor the cease-fire it signed, and to stop the killing in Darfur.

"Because we believe in human dignity, peaceful nations must stand for the advance of democracy.

"No other system of government has done more to protect minorities, to secure the rights of labor, to raise the status of women, or to channel human energy to the pursuits of peace.

"We've witnessed the rise of democratic governments in predominantly Hindu and Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish and Christian cultures. Democratic institutions have taken root in modern societies, and in traditional societies. When it comes to the desire for liberty and justice, there is no clash of civilizations. People everywhere are capable of freedom, and worthy of freedom.

"Finding the full promise of representative government takes time, as America has found in two centuries of debate and struggle. Nor is there any -- only one form of representative government -- because democracies, by definition, take on the unique character of the peoples that create them.

"Yet this much we know with certainty: The desire for freedom resides in every human heart. And that desire cannot be contained forever by prison walls, or martial laws, or secret police. Over time, and across the Earth, freedom will find a way.

"Freedom is finding a way in Iraq and Afghanistan -- and we must continue to show our commitment to democracies in those nations. The liberty that many have won at a cost must be secured.

"As members of the United Nations, we all have a stake in the success of the world's newest democracies.

"Not long ago, outlaw regimes in Baghdad and Kabul threatened the peace and sponsored terrorists. These regimes destabilized one of the world's most vital -- and most volatile -- regions. They brutalized their peoples, in defiance of all civilized norms. Today, the Iraqi and Afghan people are on the path to democracy and freedom. The governments that are rising will pose no threat to others. Instead of harboring terrorists, they're fighting terrorist groups. And this progress is good for the long-term security of us all.

"The Afghan people are showing extraordinary courage under difficult conditions. They're fighting to defend their nation from Taliban holdouts, and helping to strike against the terrorists killers. They're reviving their economy. They've adopted a constitution that protects the rights of all, while honoring their nation's most cherished traditions. More than 10 million Afghan citizens -- over 4 million of them women -- are now registered to vote in next month's presidential election. To any who still would question whether Muslim societies can be democratic societies, the Afghan people are giving their answer.

"Since the last meeting of this General Assembly, the people of Iraq have regained sovereignty.

"Today, in this hall, the Prime Minister of Iraq and his delegation represent a country that has rejoined the community of nations. The government of Prime Minister Allawi has earned the support of every nation that believes in self-determination and desires peace. And under Security Council resolutions 1511 and 1546, the world is providing that support. The U.N., and its member nations, must respond to Prime Minister Allawi's request, and do more to help build an Iraq that is secure, democratic, federal, and free.

"A democratic Iraq has ruthless enemies, because terrorists know the stakes in that country. They know that a free Iraq in the heart of the Middle East will be a decisive blow against their ambitions for that region. So a terrorists group associated with al Qaeda is now one of the main groups killing the innocent in Iraq today -- conducting a campaign of bombings against civilians, and the beheadings of bound men. Coalition forces now serving in Iraq are confronting the terrorists and foreign fighters, so peaceful nations around the world will never have to face them within our own borders.

"Our coalition is standing beside a growing Iraqi security force. The NATO Alliance is providing vital training to that force. More than 35 nations have contributed money and expertise to help rebuild Iraq's infrastructure. And as the Iraqi interim government moves toward national elections, officials from the United Nations are helping Iraqis build the infrastructure of democracy. These selfless people are doing heroic work, and are carrying on the great legacy of Sergio de Mello.

"As we have seen in other countries, one of the main terrorist goals is to undermine, disrupt, and influence election outcomes. We can expect terrorist attacks to escalate as Afghanistan and Iraq approach national elections. The work ahead is demanding. But these difficulties will not shake our conviction that the future of Afghanistan and Iraq is a future of liberty. The proper response to difficulty is not to retreat, it is to prevail.

"The advance of freedom always carries a cost, paid by the bravest among us. America mourns the losses to our nation, and to many others. And today, I assure every friend of Afghanistan and Iraq, and every enemy of liberty: We will stand with the people of Afghanistan and Iraq until their hopes of freedom and security are fulfilled.

"These two nations will be a model for the broader Middle East, a region where millions have been denied basic human rights and simple justice.

"For too long, many nations, including my own, tolerated, even excused, oppression in the Middle East in the name of stability. Oppression became common, but stability never arrived.

"We must take a different approach.

"We must help the reformers of the Middle East as they work for freedom, and strive to build a community of peaceful, democratic nations.

"This commitment to democratic reform is essential to resolving the Arab-Israeli conflict. Peace will not be achieved by Palestinian rulers who intimidate opposition, tolerate corruption, and maintain ties to terrorist groups. The longsuffering Palestinian people deserve better. They deserve true leaders capable of creating and governing a free and peaceful Palestinian state. Even after the setbacks and frustrations of recent months, goodwill and hard effort can achieve the promise of the road map to peace. Those who would lead a new Palestinian state should adopt peaceful means to achieve the rights of their people, and create the reformed institutions of a stable democracy. Arab states should end incitement in their own media, cut off public and private funding for terrorism, and establish normal relations with Israel. Israel should impose a settlement freeze, dismantle unauthorized outposts, end the daily humiliation of the Palestinian people, and avoid any actions that prejudice final negotiations. And world leaders should withdraw all favor and support from any Palestinian ruler who fails his people and betrays their cause.

"The democratic hopes we see growing in the Middle East are growing everywhere. In the words of the Burmese democracy advocate, Aung San Suu Kyi: "We do not accept the notion that democracy is a Western value. To the contrary; democracy simply means good government rooted in responsibility, transparency, and accountability."

"Here at the United Nations, you know this to be true.

"In recent years, this organization has helped create a new democracy in East Timor, and the U.N. has aided other nations in making the transition to self-rule.

"Because I believe the advance of liberty is the path to both a safer and better world, today I propose establishing a Democracy Fund within the United Nations. This is a great calling for this great organization. The fund would help countries lay the foundations of democracy by instituting the rule of law and independent courts, a free press, political parties and trade unions. Money from the fund would also help set up voter precincts and polling places, and support the work of election monitors.

"To show our commitment to the new Democracy Fund, the United States will make an initial contribution. I urge other nations to contribute, as well.

"Today, I've outlined a broad agenda to advance human dignity, and enhance the security of all of us. The defeat of terror, the protection of human rights, the spread of prosperity, the advance of democracy -- these causes, these ideals, call us to great work in the world. Each of us alone can only do so much. Together, we can accomplish so much more.

"History will honor the high ideals of this organization. The charter states them with clarity: "to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war," "to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights," "to promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom."

"Let history also record that our generation of leaders followed through on these ideals, even in adversity. Let history show that in a decisive decade, members of the United Nations did not grow weary in our duties, or waver in meeting them.

"I'm confident that this young century will be liberty's century.

"I believe we will rise to this moment, because I know the character of so many nations and leaders represented here today. And I have faith in the transforming power of freedom.

"May God bless you."